Gerry's OK Tire is proud to be a member of the Trade Exchange.

Trade Exchange Canada (TEC) was created in April of 2002. TEC was started because there was a need for a professionally run Trade company that was owned and based in Western Canada.

Trade Exchange Canada’s mission is a simple one. The goal is to work with exceptional clients to help them generate new Trade business and in turn help them reduce their cash expense to improve their cash bottom line. The Trade Exchange is made up of an exceptional team of people who enjoy helping clients profit through the use of Trade. As winners of the Consumers Choice Award for Business Excellence and several other awards they take great pride in being the best in their industry. They have helped clients generate over $200,000,000 of Trade business over the last 17 years.

Trade Exchange Canada is globally recognized as the leader in the Trade industry in Western Canada. It is a locally owned and operated company that will continue to grow and bring on more good clients to work with its' exceptional network of businesses in Western Canada.

The Trade Exchange